summer time yay

2011-05-15 11:04:32 by SunnyRays

...yes that is all
well also I'm gonna do some Flash CS5-ing, and drawing and lotsa biking...blah blah!
no more bothering about making a c++ compiler or how a CPU works, yup purge my mind of that useless stuff :D

summer time yay

What's this? actionscript

2010-09-01 19:13:01 by SunnyRays

well my 2010 submission to NG is done, wait for 2011 for the next haha.....been working up a pattern last few years, yea dunno why I got into actionscripting so late, but gotta start someday so here is my first... what!? a dress up game.....I never even considered that the day would come.....

....S&M vampire pontailed pirate!

What's this? actionscript

Trying some HD video

2010-01-30 20:10:54 by SunnyRays

Trying out HD videos, um combined it with some 3d and 2d animations and the new tablet, and yay you got yourself a new demo video...

/* */

its been a while

2009-07-22 23:09:55 by SunnyRays

yup finally got my animation spirit back after nearly a whole year

gonna brush the rust off and hey check out my newest submission ^^

this is a picture from the movie

its been a while

Oh no can't upload art

2009-07-10 00:15:30 by SunnyRays

wondering if anyone else is having trouble uploading their drawings in the art portal

cuz I know my uploads aren't work/ taking way too long (200kb file, waited 10 min still not done upload)

worked appreciated from anyone who might know whats going on^^

Hello! Im Ray^^

2009-05-07 17:38:30 by SunnyRays

Yup its me! I love animation, and drawing! also calculus and physics!

I do sports and stuff, and yeah I'm a Ray of Sunshine <<<<(thats actually contains my real name)